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September 2015

Solar PV Dual Axis Tracker

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Place: Koster

Solution: Integrated Solar PV, energy storage and generator so that the business can operate independently of Eskom. The LiFePO4storage was set up on a self-consumption basis so that all the Solar PV generation will be used on site.

Second Solar PV dual axis tracker for RenEnergy in progress at a factory in the North West province. This is the first project of its kind in South Africa.

Van Zyl Residence

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A fine example of a well balanced residential installation, integrating solar panels, solar inverter, battery inverter and LiFePO4 battery storage. The installation was done accurately and quick. The RenEnergy team was friendly, professional and task orientated – an absolute pleasure to work with!

Owner, Piet van Zyl

Impact Assessment – Integration for Solar PV with LiFePO4 Energy Storage

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Place: Rondebosch

Solution: Integrated solar and energy storage so that household can operate independently of Eskom. The LiFePO4 storage was done specifically for self-consumption not only for load shedding but so that all energy produced by Solar PV can be utilised during the daytime and night time.  Eskom usage is purely as backup to the Solar PV and storage designed.

RenEnergy Completes Impact Assessment

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Place: Paarl

Solution: A local client commissioned RenEnergy to conduct an impact assessment to calculate the savings against future electricity cost escalation.  The Co-Generation tariff structure available with Drakenstein Municipality was investigated. The design and assessment revealed that a ground mount installation was the most feasible option with an overall 100 kWp Solar PV system, for the largest replacement of annual energy cost.

De Bruin Residence

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“We installed a PV system through RenEnergy as part of a major renovation to our home. During the selection process we interviewed a number of PV suppliers and installers who were all keen to take on the project, but the RenEnergy team were by far the most pragmatic and professional. They connected with us, the architects and the electrical team and provided a solution that was installed without a glitch. We have now been using our PV system for almost a year and are very impressed with the offsite monitoring of our system and the regular preventative maintenance and finetuning that are still taking place periodically. Responses to any queries are dealt with promptly and the team members we have worked with have all been a testimony to the company’s values of trust, quality, partnership and expertise. The investment in a PV system for our home electricity needs was a substantial exercise – both from a cost and scale perspective, but we are thrilled with the outcome. “

Owner: Werner & Ohna de Bruin