As well as being your preferred solar installer, we also assist businesses in obtaining finance options for their solar PV installations. We offer a number of innovative financing solutions, ranging from no upfront capital requirements, through to full CAPEX turnkey solutions. This allows your business to benefit from clean, solar energy without struggling with the financial aspects for your project.

Equity Investment
The ‘traditional’ model of solar investment, where the customer procures and owns their own solar PV system using surplus funds available within the company. RenEnergy provides a turnkey installation with full commissioning and handover of the PV system to the owner and consumer after construction has been completed. In this model, the entire investment and related insurances are typically paid by the end user (owner), whilst RenEnergy could be contracted on a continuous bases to operate and maintain the installation for the duration of the project. When choosing to follow the Equity investments route, our clients will typically have large electricity cost savings from the onset of the project and they will have control over their own future energy tariff increases. Our clients might also benefit from tax allowances, based on their specific tax position.
Power Purchase Agreement
A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is a long-term contract entered into between an investor and the consumer of electricity (typically here our clients). The investor owns and procures the entire PV system, they insure, operate and maintain the system while our consumers only procures electricity at a predetermined rate. Our clients therefore has no upfront capital outlay nor any other expenses associated with the PV system, design, construction or the operation and maintenance of the system. Apart from a no-hassle approach to procuring green energy, we also include a simple and cost effective by-out and take-over clause allowing our clients to terminate the agreement at pre-determined rates when entering into our Power Purchase or Lease agreements.
Commercial Bank Funding
Commercial financial institutions offer competitive finance options and instruments designed specifically to finance your PV system. These institutions identified the increasing need for green project finance and are committed to providing solutions for solar projects ranging from large-scale, centralised utility power generation to small-scale, off-grid power solutions. We ensure that we comply with all of the requirements from the Commercial financial institutions to ensure that they will continue to finance projects delivered by us, as they are doing with ease at present. Individualised financing solutions can be developed according to the specific needs of our clients.