130,67 kWp
Total Installed Capacity

124 287 kg
Annual CO2 saving

Solar Modules

RenEnergy installed a solar PV solution on behalf of BroadReach Capital at Lesedi Nuclear Services. Through their Power Purchase Agreement, BroadReach replaces a portion of their energy usage with cost-effective, renewable energy with no capital expense for Lesedi Nuclear Services.

Lesedi is a leading engineering, procurement, construction and maintenance company and looked to BroadReach and RenEnergy for guidance when considering a renewable energy solution at their corporate offices in Century City, Cape Town. We designed and developed this solution to meet our clients preferred requirements.

RenEnergy carried out design, procurement and construction of the company’s solar PV project. The 130,67 kWp solar system consists of 358 modules and 4 inverters. The system is anticipated to generate 207 145 kWh of clean and cost-effective energy annually. Lesedi’s solar solution will offset a considerable portion of their daytime energy consumption, which coincides well with the office working hours. If sustainability was the company’s main focus, it cannot be said that the investment was made without at least one eye on the economics. From their annual savings, they will have additional capital for businesses critical operations.



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