1207,05 kWp
Total Installed Capacity

1 784 972 kg
Annual CO2 saving

Solar Modules

RenEnergy installed a solar PV system on behalf of SolarAfrica at Zibo Containers, Johannesburg.

Through their Power Purchase Agreement, the system replaces a portion of their daylight energy usage with cost-effective, renewable energy with no capital expense for Zibo Containers and improving their environmental credentials.

RenEnergy installed commercial solar modules to help Zibo Containers alleviate grid energy usage and reduce the company’s energy spend. In a competitive market, adding to its bottom line is always a priority for Zibo Containers, a South African plastic container manufacturer.

The installed solar PV array generates 1 957 206 kWh every year – 11% of the site’s annual energy demand and significantly reduces their high spend on grid energy.

Johan Lund, Project Manager of Zibo Containers, said:

“RenEnergy was appointed for both our facilities in Cape Town and Johannesburg for our solar needs. RenEnergy was part of the project since day 1 and stand out from several other solar competitors.

The knowledge and expertise was not missing and they created a clear picture on the outcome of the project. RenEnergy did not give us a sales pitch; they gave solutions with data backing up every answer to our questions. They made us familiar with the unfamiliar solar opportunities that are out there today.

RenEnergy fully complied with our Health and Safety regulations, work ethics and company rules. Work was done with no interference to our production and almost went by unnoticeable. Lead times on both projects were in time with no damage to existing roof structure and with above exceptional work quality. Teams, managers and office personal were efficient, friendly and professional making working together a pleasure.

RenEnergy’s main focus was the client during the duration of the project and can say with no doubt that we will always be a client of RenEnergy.

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