Installation completed

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Place: Constantia

Solution: RenEnergy completed a Detailed Impact Assessment for a residential and a self consumption system was designed including a 5.23 kWp Solar PV system with a daily cyclable Lithium Ion Phosphate 9.22 kWh energy storage system.

Impact Assessment – Integration for Solar PV with LiFePO4 Energy Storage

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Place: Rondebosch

Solution: Integrated solar and energy storage so that household can operate independently of Eskom. The LiFePO4 storage was done specifically for self-consumption not only for load shedding but so that all energy produced by Solar PV can be utilised during the daytime and night time.  Eskom usage is purely as backup to the Solar PV and storage designed.

Detailed Impact Assessment

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Place: Stellenbosch

Solution: This Client appointed RenEnergy to investigate how Solar PV generated electricity can displace current load and thereby save monthly costs. We have also been tasked to investigate the implementation of energy storage for load shedding as well as self-consumption. To incorporate Solar PV will be the more sustainable option whereby daily savings will be gained from the solution. This will also act as a silent generator during daylight load shedding periods. RenEnergy completed a detailed impact assessment and a 4.08 Solar PV system was designed with two storage options: 1 x Self consumption 9.22kWh Gross Energy Storage with Inverter or 1 x  UPS 5.12kWh Gross Energy Storage with Inverter: