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The Iron Ore mine installed a trial 100.45 kWp Solar PV system to prove suitability of the technology within the harsh mining environment. RenEnergy carefully selected the panels, inverters and other electrical equipment with high regard for the rugged environment. The panels provide a 25 year generation warranty and a 10 year warranty is applicable to the inverters. Both soil and structural analysis was completed prior to installation to ensure long-term rigidity of structures. The steel foundations are rammed into position with specialised machinery (piling) which is standard global practice. There was no need for concrete in securing the foundations. As part of the project, a cleaning system was designed by RenEnergy to deal with dust build up on the modules. The system continues to exceed the generation warrantee performance, and outperform original design generation.

100.45 KWP FACTS

tonnes of carbon saved annually
years until return of investment
kwh units generated by the system annually
cost/kWh unit over 25 years - levelised cost of electricity

TOTAL SAVINGS: R10 077 137