The agricultural industry has a unique energy consumption profile, requiring an experienced understanding of seasonal usage. The main sources of power consumption for agriculture are often cold storage, processing and irrigation. Increases in automation in packing and distribution also increase energy consumption and costs.

We conduct a holistic review of energy infrastructure and consumption to assess the best options for your installation, whether that’s a ground or roof array.


Commercial energy usage typically peaks during daylight hours, making solar PV the perfect renewable solution. With space often at a premium, system design and bespoke engineering is critical in maximising generation outputs. Commercial solar PV is often paired with energy storage to maintain
critical administrative and operational
functions in times of energy instability.


Industrial energy consumption is usually over longer periods, with multiple shifts spread into usually different billing periods. Daytime power consumption is typically more expensive than night time, making solar PV an ideal solution.

The specific power consumption of an industrial operation varies, depending on machinery and equipment used. We create bespoke industrial solutions using energy consumption data, to ensure the system provides maximium ROI.