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Mining Industry Solar Power Solutions South Africa

Firstly, the mining sector has vastly different energy requirements based on whether they operate surface or underground operations. Secondly, access to grid is another very important factor as off grid solutions have completely different design criteria including the use of gas/diesel generation.

Mining is typically a very high energy consumer with often limited roof space available for installations. Ground installations are typically the best suited, for long-term mining operations. The price of mined minerals and material are mostly fixed by international markets and is a major threat to industry. By implementing a well-designed Solar PV solution will enable mining to take control of one of their major overheads in a volatile industry.

The key to a bespoke solution is the quality of electricity consumption information.

RenEnergy engineers and designs customised high generating Solar PV systems to provide the best:
  • Savings
  • Reduction of peak consumption
  • Isolation of expensive energy
  • Strategically gain independence

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