At RenEnergy we believe that there isn’t a ‘silver bullet’, one size fits all answer to our growing energy demands. But what we do know is that renewable technology is crucial to reducing our dependence on expensive, unpredictable polluting fossil fuels.

Renewable energy will set us on the path to developing a low-carbon, self-sufficient society in South Africa and across the globe. All while saving our customers money.

Solar panels contain wafers of silicon between layers of glass, metal, and an anti-glare coating. When sunlight shines on the solar cells, electrons in the silicon are agitated. They start to move, creating a direct current of electricity. This flows through an inverter, changing it to alternating current. The solar electricity is then used in real-time by your business or organisation. Any unused electricity may be stored by a battery, if you have one, or released to the grid.

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Grid Tied

An installed solar photovoltaic (PV) system with customised design to replace as much energy usage from existing utility (Eskom). Energy generated by own system is utilised anywhere within your business, as and when required.

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Off Grid

An installed solar photovoltaic (PV) system including customised energy storage. Solar PV system is designed to replace maximum daytime energy requirements with excess energy (purpose design) to charge energy storage for night time loads. Storage design is done to replace total energy requirement which will create an independent decentralised grid that gives the customer total independency and control.

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